Who Knows One? is a game show that illustrates just how interconnected we all are. Contestants are given the name of a random Jewish person they don’t know (aka, The Chosen One), and they race to see who can be the first to get that person onto the video call. The catch? They cannot use social media of any kind to find them, they can only reach out to their network of friends, colleagues, and family, and their networks of friends, colleagues, and family, until the Chosen One has been found.

The brainchild of Micah Hart, Who Knows One? is a game show built around a tradition in the Jewish community: Jewish Geography — a common icebreaker when meeting new people —  mixed in with the phenomenon Six Degrees of Separation. The goal is to help make us feel a little more connected at a time when we are required to remain far apart.

Episodes stream live on our Facebook page every Wednesday night at 8:30 ET. Join in the fun and watch along live – the commentary during the show is often just as much fun as the game itself!