It's not who you know.
It's who [who you know] knows.

Welcome to the internet's first and finest quarantine-inspired game show.

Host Your Own Game

Want to organize a custom Who Knows One? experience for your organization? Contact us today to learn how to create the perfect communal experience, guaranteed to bring people together and put smiles on their faces.

Ways to Participate

Be a Contestant

Have what it takes to put your knowledge (and perhaps more importantly, your network’s knowledge) to the test? Know how to handle yourself on a video call? Then sign up today and you could be a contestant on an upcoming show!

Be the "Chosen One"

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to see random people conducting a worldwide search for your whereabouts for definitively non-criminal reasons? Sign up to be a Chosen One and you can watch it all unfold in front of you!


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